During fall 1998, in the pictorial village Pygros, Corinne Wyss' attention was called to the misery of the Santorini cats. As a consequence, she took two tomcats with her back to Switzerland.
At home, Corinne Wyss saw a report from Esther Herzog, who has been regularly traveling to Santorini for more than 20 years to help the cats. Corinne Wyss immediately offered her help and since then both women are working together for the cats.

They are trying to find the necessary money for food and medicine.

Diseased cats are caught by them and nursed or brought to the only veterinarian of this isle, Mrs Dr. vet Margarita Valvis-Roussos, who takes care of them and if needed has them also castrated. Meoooooow……
Hoping for additional help, the two women constantly inform the locals as well as the tourists about the misery of the cats. Corinne Wyss and Esther Herzog are dependent on any support

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