Please find herewith a few examples how to fight against our misery.

According to our veterinarian, YOM YOM has been abused for years. She refutsed to eat and was just skins and bones - she was close to death. Our guardian angels have taken care of her; she was medically treated and fed. After 15 days of forcible feeding, YOM YOM is back to accept her cat food with delight.

PASCHA, the tomcat is FIV-positive (Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus). This is a virus which among others destroys his kidneys. Our guardian angels have taken care of him. He was fed, given medicine and supported to learn to walk again, as he was severely weakened by the virus.
One day he was hardly seen inside anymore, as he preferred to enjoy the outside again.

   A small episode

Our lives are improving thanks to our guardian angels Corinne Wyss, Esther Herzog, Dr. M. Valvis-Roussos and all others who have purchased cards or donated.

Please let us also have your support!